Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Gina and the hilarious Hamilton mob are back! OPENING to THE GODDAUGHTER'S REVENGE (out Oct. 1)

THE GODDAUGHTER'S REVENGE launches Oct. 1 in Chapters/Indigo, independent book stores, Barnes&Noble, and Amazon.

Little known fact:  This opening to THE GODDAUGHTER'S REVENGE scored highly in the Daphne Dumaurier Kiss of Death contest, with two judges giving it a near-perfect score.

Chapter 1

Okay, I admit it. I would rather be the proud possessor of a rare gemstone than a lakefront condo with parking. Yes, I know this makes me weird. Young women today are supposed to crave the security of owning their own home.

But I say, real estate, shmeel estate. You can’t hold an address in your hand. It doesn’t flash and sparkle with the intensity of a thousand night stars. It will never lure you away from the straight and narrow like a siren from some Greek odyssey.

Let’s face it. Nobody has ever gone to jail for smuggling a one bedroom plus den out of the country.

However, make that a 10-carat cyan blue topaz with a past as long as your arm, and I’d do almost anything to possess it.

But don’t tell the police.


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  1. Love that opening. Only near perfect score? You should send one of Gina's cousins to correct that. ;)