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Crafting a Novel 1  Instructor: Melodie Campbell

Sheridan College, Trafalgar Road, Oakville

14 week course, Wed. nights starting Sept. , Jan. and April
Come prepared to complete several chapters of your novel in this intensive but fun college credit course!
Register through Sheridan College, Continuing Education.

Melodie welcomes hearing from readers.

Twitter: @melodiecampbell

1 comment:

  1. Hey Melodie: Enjoyed meeting you and the Deadly Dames recently in Stratford. Goddaughter's Revenge is hilarious. You have mastered the art of the short, to-the-point sentence: " weasely as a basket of weasels.." , " nature stuff...", too funny.

    I learned my trade in a small Italian family company. This "Cake" really gets the humour of the Gallo family. Funniest thing I saw in construction was when my Boss Domenic called his son-in-law Fabricio (I can't get fired from this job) a baccala in front of Rob (nephew by marriage), and yours truly (un-related Cake wanting to learn a trade). Rob and I almost died laughing. We thought Fab was going to cry.

    Maybe you could have a character based on Angelo Mosca in one of your stories. You know, mean SOB in the CFL, too soft-hearted to be an enforcer for the mob, like Rocky. I love seeing the Riders play the Cats in Hamilton.

    Best wishes to you and the Dames,

    Dave Bond, Whitby, Ontario