Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Call it Steeltown, Smog City, The Hammer, whatever you like. Fact is, I LOVE Hamilton.  Here's why:

1. The best cannoli outside of Italia.

2.  The zaniest politics this side of BC.

3.  The lake. It's gorgeous.  And uncrowded.

4.  The people.  Friendly, unpretentious, and a tad on the lunchbox side. But man, those are good lunches, and they share them with you.

5.  The weather.  Hamilton is in the Banana belt.  Always two degrees warmer than Toronto, our winters are milder.  Snow?  We pulverize it with smog before it reaches the ground.

6.  The 'Mountain.'   Take away the steel plants, and Hamilton looks like West Vancouver.  Okay, North Vancouver.  Okay, maybe I need new glasses.  But it's sure pretty.

7.  The roads.  The lake is NORTH here, not south.  To wit: the main sport in Ham is watching lost cars from Toronto try to find their way around our streets.  Yes, we are fiendish that way.

8.  Quite simply, it's real. The Hammer doesn't try to tart itself up like other cities.  Nothing "World Class" about it, thank you very much (sorry, Toronto, but you're trying too hard.)

Don't miss Hamilton's own, THE GODDAUGHTER'S REVENGE!
Launches Oct. 1 in stores
Official launch: November 7 at the Hamilton Public Library, Turner Branch
Details to come! 


  1. As a former Torontonian, I snarl at your fiendishness, but have to agree with your comment about Toronto trying too hard.

  2. Ah yes, our way, with no way out. We should get an award for that...