The B-Team

The B-Team is a finalist for the 2019 Arthur Ellis Award for Excellence in Crime Writing!

"the Canadian literary heir to Donald Westlake"
Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine review of The B-Team


Editorial Reviews


"Campbell's humorous mystery is for readers who enjoy a cast of quirky characters with unusual talents. " (Library Journal 2018-01-17)

"Campbell tells a full force mystery novel in a rapid read package…Her style is plot forward, fuelled by feel-real, snappy dialogue that reveals the sense of place right down to the street corner. The B-Team…[is] delivered with intensity and laughter." (Don Graves, Canadian Mystery Reviews 2018-01-19)

"The B-Team is well written, attention grabbing and fun. Once started, most readers will be hooked and have a hard time putting the book down. " (CM Magazine 2018-03-15)


Book Description

They do wrong for all the right reasons. And sometimes it even works.

Del's great-aunt, Kitty, has retired from a life of crime and embarked on a new venture, the B-Team. Although Del works at an animal shelter by day, by night she, her great-aunt and their cohorts, Dino and Ritz, use their criminal skills to right wrongs. In this fun book, the modern-day Robin Hoods set out to return a necklace to its rightful owner but along the way discover they've been duped by an imposter who also wants to get her hands on the necklace. The problem is, criminals can't go to the police, even if they are on the side of the good. Del comes up with a new plan, and the B-Team saves the day. Not without a few detours along the way.

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