Tuesday 19 July 2016

Sparkling review for The Goddaughter Caper! Check out Liza O'Connor's web-home

I'm parked on Liza O'Connor's blog this week
 (and it's a zany place - check it out!)

But once in a while, you can't keep a review to yourself.  Liza was kind enough to review The Goddaughter Caper, book 4 in the infamous series. I'm thinking her take is the best yet.  Not only that, but Liza's own riotous humour sparkles in this review.

Consider Melodie Campbell’s latest humorous Mafia tale a must read.  (I know, you didn’t believe humorous mafia stories existed, but they do.) I just finished the Goddaughters Kaper, aka Nancy Drew tries to make sense out of the 3 stooges of Canadian Mafia.
Here’s one of my favorite lines from the book
Nico, I could kill you!”
“Don’t be silly. There’s no more room in the trunk.”
This tells you how the mafia, with their excessive need to clean up, can be so funny. Simply focus on the funny issues like the practicalities of growing a business using geriatrics and morons. Ignore the dead bodies needing buried.
Gina Gallo is about to marry non-mafia Pete, a hunky news-reporter. She’s determined to stay out of her massive family’s not so legal enterprises for good. Sadly, a week into her good intentions, she’s knee deep in dead bodies. And somehow her inheritance that's locked in a trunk gets waylaid by the incompetent help as well.
No good deed will go unpunished in this book, trust me.

This is a short novel, but it delights from beginning to end. Highly recommend it!
5 Stars
that look like coffins
with dead bodies inside.


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