Wednesday 22 August 2012

ON MARS BARS - a completely supersillious post

In case you missed it, the following Facebook post has caused some unexpected merriment:

My favorite quote: There is nothing that a woman can do in bed that could ever make her feel as guilty as eating 3 Mars bars.

Some Facebooks friends have suggested the following (and I quote):

"one thing I have learned from living in the USA and watching presidential elections is that somewhere, someone will be offended by you legislating in such a way that you should not fool around with mars bars. because they do. somewhere, they do. in ways that you cannot describe on cnn..."

So in my defense, let me state the following:

"I completely overlooked the political ramifications of eating three Mars bars, including the support groups that I may have offended, and state most sincerely that I have no intentions to legislate what others may wish to do with their Mars bars. I'm Canadian, after all."

Hope I've set the record straight. 50 shades of Mars bars, indeed. Mars bars forever. And yes, I write comedy.

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