Monday 6 June 2011

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Review of Rowena Through the Wall by Midwest Book Review

"Thus begins one of the most fabulous fantasy adventures I've ever read"

Impossible to put down! I’m panting, like a love-starved Cinderella!

Wow—author Melodie Campbell is certainly versatile! Some time ago, when I read a short horror story by her in an Alfred Hitchcock magazine, I never thought I’d see her name on a thrilling romance novel. But what a pleasure it turns out to be…

Just as Campbell had me biting my nails till the end of her horror story, with Rowena Through the Wall she has me panting for my own Prince, like a love-starved Cinderella.

Campbell hooked me from the first scene when the main protagonist, college instructor Rowena Revel, gets the shock of her life when a handsome hunk of a man appears in her classroom. He’s dressed in medieval attire and carrying a sword… something out of the most romantic fantasy she’s ever read. When she approaches him, he gets the shock of his life by the fact she can see him. When she speaks to him, he disappears right before her eyes.

Neither realize that Rowena’s classroom wall is the magic portal that leads to the man’s alternate world, so they are both baffled. Row starts having sexy dreams of gorgeous, tunic-clad men in a rugged country, but when they start walking through that wall at ease, her curiosity gets the best of her. Inevitably, when she begins investigating the wall, she accidentally falls through into an alternate universe where she is kidnapped, not once, but twice.

According to the book’s pre-publicity “the stakes get higher as the men get hotter.” Well, if that isn’t a line to keep even the least romantic woman reading, I don’t know what is! I tell you, this author is good!

Thus begins one of the most fabulous fantasy adventures I’ve ever read. Not only is this a romantic comedy, it’s also a thriller with Row’s future at stake. Besides the obvious sexual reasons, why do these handsome men need Row so badly? Why do they vie for her attention? How in the world does she “accidentally” marry her cousin Ivan? How does Cedric fit into the picture? Is his heart really as black as the magic he practices? And how does she feel about the most glorious male of them all—Thane the Viking?

As if that isn’t enough, throw in a Goth-student who follows Row through the portal. Do her actions place her teacher in even more danger? If so, it’s a good thing they can go back through the portal—or can they?

To find the answers, you’ll have to read this top-notch book for yourself. I promise you a fun, sexy time fraught with enough adventures with gorgeous males to last a lifetime.

This is a hot, hilarious, romantic fantasy that enthralls you from the first line. If you enjoy Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series, you'll adore Rowena and her riotous romps in an alternate world…

What I’d like to ask this author is: Just where is MY wall?

Review by Betty Dravis, June 5, 2011
Author of “Dream Reachers II” (with Chase Von) and other books

Rowena Through the Wall (Imajin Books) - ebook available later this month on and other retailers. Paperback coming in July.


  1. Echo. Where is MY wall? (Can married women ask that question?)

    Sounds steamy and erotic and FUN. Melodie, your crime writing as been on my to-read list for a while. Now I have another entry to add. A tantalizing summer read. Perfect.

  2. Thanks Sherry! They actually toned down the sex (imagine that - apparently I was verging on erotica) so that now it is "hot" as opposed to scandalous. I won't have to leave town...

  3. LMAO! Well scandals do sell...

    Sherry, the answer is YES. Just tell your hubby you're going out to buy milk.

  4. About to buy "Rowena Through the Wall" online (first ever e-book), but just before, I want to let you know I've completed the link to your book's audio-video trailer on So fun!