Thursday 21 February 2019

Ever Wonder how Authors get paid for library reads? (Here's the scoop in Canada)

Yes, libraries pay the publisher to have a copy of our book in their library.  But usually, they get the book from the publisher at half price.

Since most authors get paid 10% of cover, we only see $1 for a $10 book.  If that book is sold for half price, we only get 50 cents a book. 

But what if that book is read by 50 people in a library?  And I was only paid 50 cents of royalty for that book?   Doesn't seem fair, does it.

For those who don't know, one of the ways authors get paid in Canada is through the Canada Council tally of which books are in a random 7 libraries across Canada. They do this once a year. We get paid per book hit in those libraries.

REALLY nice to see all 7 Orca books (the Goddaughter series and others) in all 7 PLR selected libraries (plus a few other books.) Yay PLR cheques!  They can make all the difference to an author.

 You can make a difference to authors too.  If you love an author's books, tell her via email, or on her website.  If you can afford to, buy her books.  If you can't afford to, ask your local library to bring them in.  Let me know that you did, and I'll be very grateful.

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