Friday 15 February 2019

BEST COVER EVER! Crime Club, from Orca Soundings, out Aug. 29

Book 15 Rocks!  (The cover, that is.)

You love all your book babies.  But I have a particular love for this YA crime book, coming out in August.


Two years ago, I contributed  a "Name that Character" item to the Burlington Humane Society gala silent auction.  The winner gave us all a grin, when he asked if I could include his pug Wolfgang in a book.

Well, readers, I made Wolfgang a key character - a supporting actor, in fact - in Crime Club!  And what fun he is.

Then my publisher, Orca Books, gave Wolfgang even more promo by putting him on the cover.

The money raised from the character name donation went to support needy animals.  I couldn't be happier about that.  A small ray of sunshine in the darkest winter of my life.

Out Aug. 29 from all the usual suspects, and available for preorder from Amazon now.

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