Sunday, 19 August 2018

Possibly have died and gone to heaven....

"the Canadian literary heir to Donald Westlake"
Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

The look of my website is not the only thing new this week. 
(Hope you noticed the less flamboyant look.  Some well-intentioned yet clearly misguided people
are attempting to make me appear classy, bless their hearts.)

Many thanks to Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine for the above quotable quote!
I am flattered beyond words.
I am also terrified.
HOW will I live up to this, in future books?

IN the Sept issue of Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, in Jury Box, the following review of The B-Team.

Melodie Campbell, The B-Team: The Case of the Angry First Wife, Orca, $9.95. The Toronto Sun calls her the Canadian “Queen of Comedy,” but I like to think of her as the Canadian literary heir to Donald Westlake. After five books featuring mafia goddaughter Gina Gallo, Campbell has launched this spin-off series about a bumbling team of vigilante heroes led by Gina’s cousin Del and seventy-something-year-old former cat burglar Great Aunt Kitty. The fast-paced humor is characterized by situations that are simultaneously madcap and bizarrely banal.

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