Thursday 30 August 2018

Could she ever write anything straight? (in which comedy slurps into the latest work in progress)

Some readers may wonder if the humour they read on Bad Girl Blog carries over to my novels.  Here is an example:

From my current crime WIP (a Roaring Twenties Shipboard Mystery) -

Tony was pacing now.  “You can’t … Lucy, don’t tell me you’re thinking to hide a dead man in your cabin.”

“Nonsense, darling,” I said.  “How long could that last?  It wouldn’t be sanitary.”  I took a deep breath. “Actually, I was thinking of the deep blue sea.”

My so-called maid Elf nodded.  “Seems the thing.”

“At this point, we must think of Harry and what he would like,” I said.  “A romantic burial at sea?  Or being torn apart while all exposed on a cold slate coroner’s table?” 

Elf shivered.  “Bloody butchers.”

“Harry?” said Tony.  He was a sentence or two behind.

“Well, Tom, Dick or Harry.  He didn’t look like a Tom to me,” I said.

“Might be a dick,” said Elf.

“We don’t know that,” I scolded.

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