Wednesday 7 December 2016


Kath:  Have you got a Kindle?

Me:  Of course I have a Kindle! 

Kath:  Do you like it?

Me:  It’s very pretty.  It has a pink cover.  And it makes a great paperweight.

Kath:  But do you actually use it?

Me:  I used it once as a flashlight during a power outage.  Everyone should have one.

Kath:  Why not get a flashlight for that?

Me:  Flashlights make lousy paperweights.  They roll off the table.

I am a Dinosaurette.  In spite of that, I have a Kindle.  It wasn’t my idea.  People keep foisting them on me at Christmas.  It’s the 21st century version of fruitcake.

Not only that, they multiply.  The first died within months, probably from neglect (I didn’t kill it – honest.)  The second was a prize from my publisher for top sales.  I also have a Kobo.  It was a Christmas present.  It’s around here somewhere.

As you can see, I am not addicted to my Kindle.  In fact, it is my opinion you have to be barking to be emotionally attached to a slab of machinery that displays words.  That would be like being addicted to a printing press.

But Lord Thunderin’ Jesus, how I am addicted to books! Real books, that is. I see a pile of books on my bedside table, and I get excited.  (Men, take note.)

Oh, the delight of holding a real book in your hand.  The tactile feel of the paper, the visual lure of the cover… And the smell of the glue that binds each little paper together…(minty is best)

The trouble with an ereader is that every story you are reading on it looks and feels exactly the same.  And that changes the experience for me.

I realize that a lot of people love to read on Kindles.  I might even like some of them (people. Not Kindles.)  But I highly suspect they are the same sort of people who actually like salad. 

Thankfully, there are alternate uses for ereaders. (If you like salad, stop reading NOW.)


1.  Kindling.  (Okay, not really, despite the similar sounding name.  Probably not the best way to start a fire.  A Samsung phone is better.

2.  Murder weapon. (Whack the cheating bastard over the head with it.  Continue whacking and alternately reading from 50 Shades.  That should kill him.

3.  Frisbee.  (see Murder weapon above.)

4.  Hockey puck  (I live in Canada, eh.)

5.  Dog toy  (leatherette covers work best for this)

6.  Fly-swatter  (editor's note: works great on spiders)

Plus all the obvious uses: flashlight, paperweight, hot pad, furniture shim, bookmark, ruler, rolling pin, cutting board, door stop.

Finally, I would like to point out that you can’t decorate with Kindles.   “Oh look at that lovely bookcase of Kindles, Gladys!” said no one, ever.

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  1. My Kindle serves as a reminder that I'm not a) travelling or b) reading as many books as I used to. Whenever I'm in danger of having a day or hour where I'm not regretting or feeling guilty about something, I find it comes in very handy.