Tuesday 15 December 2015

Unchained Arthur presented to Melodie Campbell

Truly original - Absolutely brilliant!
Many thanks to the board of CWC for presenting me with the Unchained Melodie/Arthur for my years of leading Crime Writers of Canada.

This Arthur is different from the Arthur I won for Crime Writing in 2014.
Note the broken noose...  Melodie is free starting January 31!

Thanks to everyone who attended the event, and contributed to such a fantastic party. And special thanks to Jason Stuckless for taking this photo.  (Such a great shot of me.  I may use it for my passport photo.)


  1. No no no no no! It's the Freed Arthur presented to the Unchained Melodie. I'm not sure if he got a governor's pardon or partner in crime cut the noose, but that Arthur is FREE! Soon, my dear friend, you will be too.

    Thank the gods I know where you live because not being my supervisor and coworker isn't going free you from me.