Wednesday 15 April 2015

Prophecy’s Language and Bloopers - a guest post by delightful author Brenda Dyer

It is my pleasure today to welcome friend and fellow Canadian author Brenda Dyer to this blog.  Brenda writes sexy Paranormal Romance (if you like my Rowena series, check out Brenda's books!)  Today, she talks about the bloopers that haunt poor unsuspecting writers.

 Hello. My name is Brenda, and I’m so excited to be here. Thank you, Melodie for having me on your wonderful site.
Today I’ll be talking about the bloopers—I like bloopers better than mistakes—that were found during the critique stage. One in particular made me laugh, but only after I stopped kicking my arse all over the house. This particular mistake I caught myself during yet another read through, but only after I sent out two beta/ARC copies.
So, in this scene, Sin—the hero—was handcuffed. The Enforcer pulled Sin’s arms behind his back and cuffed him tight. Okay, that’s all cool and fine. Now as the scene moves on, I’m writing a bunch of emotional stuff, like how the heroine is taking up residency in the hero’s heart, and how he feels about it, etc, etc.
We come to a door that can only be unlocked with a code. Okay, all's good. But what do I do? I get Sin—the hero, who is handcuffed—to open the door. I completely spaced out. And this silly mistake, when noticed, embarrassed the heck out of me. I was calling myself all sorts of nasty names.
Now onto big mistake number two. This mistake wasn’t caught by me, but from a beta reader—bless her heart. In this particular scene, Sin—hero—and Eleanor—heroine—are getting ready to get down and dirty—do the beast with two backs—make whoopee—well, you get the picture. The scene takes place in the bedroom. At first Eleanor is sitting on the bed, then BAM, all of a sudden she’s on the couch for a sentence, than miraculously back on the bed.
Guess Sin’s love making is so damn good she teleported into the living room for a quick sec.
The next mistake, was caught by another beta reader, along with typical spelling issues and the odd missing word.
She sent me a list, and most of the mistakes were just duh brain-fart moments, but one really stuck out. In the scene I’m referring to, the H and H are walking down a hallway and I mention the light sconces on the wall. Except I didn’t write sconces, I wrote SCONES!
Wonder if the scones were raisin and cinnamon? Should’ve had the hero and heroine take a bite and see.
If I ever buy a wall sconce, I’m going to ask for a scone—a cinnamon scone, of course.

Thank you for stopping by and spending time with me.

I’m giving away an e-copy of Love’s Prophecy, book #1 in the Prophecy Series, and Prophecy’s Child, book #2, to one commenter.

Check out Prophecy's Language!

She’ll need persistence to break through to his heart

Author Eleanor Donavon’s life is finally going her way. She kicked her mentally abusive ex-husband to the curb, and her writing career is taking off. But her contented world changes when a stranger, who’s the spitting image of one of her fictional vampire warriors, appears in her home on the pretense of whisking her away on a vacation. Believing him to be a cover model sent by her agent, Eleanor takes him up on his offer in hopes of getting to know him better. When she learns the truth about who he is, and the reason behind her imprisonment, her existence is rocked to the core. Now caught in the brutal politics surrounding the vampires, her only hope of surviving is to trust Sin. To complicate matters, she’s spellbound by the fierce warrior and falling for him hard. With her heart at stake, she must somehow break through his icy defenses to the man inside or forever lose him to his haunted past.

Her love gives him the faith to live again

Sin lives by his own code: don’t care for anyone and you won’t let them down. His past actions taught him that valuable lesson. When he receives the mission to abduct Eleanor, a beautiful author writing about the Vampire Prophecy, his heart jolts awake. For the first time in years he yearns to go against his principles and make her his forever, but fear won’t allow it. When she becomes a target of the Sacred Order, Sin risks his career to save her, but the real danger lurks when he realizes he can’t stop his head-on collision with love. 

Teaser—The Handcuff Scene

A foreign feeling invaded Sin’s heart and head. He felt happy and light, which in itself was crazy since their current situation was anything but. If he didn’t play his cards exactly right, Eleanor would be locked up in the Sacred Order’s holding in Hungary for the rest of her life. She’d be lost to him forever.
The thought of never seeing her again caused an ache to bloom in his chest and spread seeds of pain throughout his body. She’d somehow brought the feeling part of him back to life—the part he’d fought to kill since the death of his best friend.
As they headed down the stairs, Sin pondered this new internal growth, realizing he couldn’t ignore it—couldn’t ignore the feelings he had for his little princess. When they stopped at the wooden double doors, he shelved the issue. He had a rescue to plan.
He looked around the empty foyer, glad none of the other slayers were around to observe his latest degradation.
Enforcer Colins opened the door and stepped onto the veranda. He waited for Eleanor, but she stayed next to Sin.
Sin peeked at Eleanor. She gazed back, still shaking like a leaf caught in a hurricane.
He decided to put his plan in action now instead of waiting until they locked his sorry ass up. Once outside, he’d incapacitate the Enforcers. Then he and Eleanor would split the scene. Being on the run wasn’t ideal, but the thought of Eleanor locked up as the Sacred Order’s hostage, her freedom stolen, seemed a worse fate.
“After you, Princess.” Sin gestured with his head for her to follow the Enforcer. Reluctantly, she walked ahead.
Tarrel shoved Sin from behind. “Move it, asshole.”
Sin tripped over the threshold. Eleanor grabbed his arm, breaking his fall. “Thanks, Princess.”
She glowered at Tarrel. “You don’t have to be so mean.”



  1. Such an awesome book! I'm reading it now. This is one of those series you hope NEVER ends!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Sheri! I think Brenda's series has a really unique twist on the vampire theme. It's a pleasure to have her on here.

  3. Melodie, thank you so much for having me on your site today. It's a honor.

  4. I love this series.. I had no idea about the 2nd blooper I know Sin was god but DAM!! Please never stop giving us these amazing characters

    1. Donna, you have been one of my biggest supporters. As long as you want to read my stories, I'll keep on writing. <3

  5. I'm so far behind in this series--my stupid fault for having a day job--but summer is coming and after that excerpt, I'm taking time off to read and catch up. Love these vampires and their women. Brenda's writing is awesome in every aspect. Can't praise it enough.

    1. Jenna, I'm also so far behind on my reading. When I do find the time to sit and relax and enjoy a book, I find my eyes are too tired. Thank you so much for stopping by.

  6. Thank you, Melodie. I had a blast today.
    And thank you to all who stopped by. I appreciate your wonderful comments and your support.

  7. Melodie can attest to some of my sillier bloopers, but my sister was the worst/best for pointing out my flaws. From the time we were teens and she was reading my angst-ridden prose, she would read my stories aloud - EXACTLY AS WRITTEN - improvising, when necessary the pronunciation of my misspelled non-words. She'd have me doubled over with laughter by the time she was done.

  8. Brenda, you've made me think about all the bloopers I've made on first drafts...gulp. Thanks for being on here today!

  9. Great post. Prophecy is a terrific series. Book 4 is on my TBR list, and I can't wait to read it. I just need to finish my reviewing books so I can sit and enjoy Prophecy's Language. I know this book is going to be as amazing as the first 3 in the series.