Wednesday 2 January 2013

Welcome Leanne Dyck!

Each month I feature a guest author on the pages of Funny Girl.  Today, I'm delighted to welcome crime writer and fellow Crime Writers of Canada member Leanne Dyck, who writes a positive post just perfect for ringing in the New Year with optimism.


 It’s amazing what the power of the word yes can do.
            In 2010 I received an email regarding a free writers workshop that was to be given at the Victoria Public Library.
            My husband asked, “Would you like to go to that?”
            I said, “Yes!”
            Prolific author Lou Allin provided a blue pencil critique. I signed up for it. Lou taught me to take pride in my words. She also pointed the way to growth. The panel discussions captivated me. And I came away from this event feeling enriched and inspired.
            During the event I invited Lou Allin to visit my rural island home:  Mayne Island. I explained that I was a co-organizer for an upcoming artistic celebration. One of the events I was organizing was a writers round table.
            Lou said, “Yes, I’d like to visit.”
            During the round table Lou Allin told the participants about the Crime Writers of Canada. She also told us about Bloody Words. She explained that Bloody Words is Canada’s oldest and largest gathering of mystery readers and authors. I was excited to learn that next year Bloody Words would be held in Victoria.
            I’d already self-published a cozy mystery and, at the time, was writing a thriller*. So I quickly filled out an application to join CWC and to attend Bloody Words.
            Shortly after becoming a member, I received an email from CWC regarding Bloody Words. They were looking for panelists and were encouraging participants to sign up to meet with a literary agent. I was nervous and didn’t feel ready but said yes to both of these opportunities.
            CWC continues to facilitate my growth as an author. To date I’ve sat on a total of three panels and networked with countless authors.
            I encourage you to say yes.
            Here’s an opportunity…
            I blog three times a week and it’s paying off:  100 page views per day, on average. One of my blogging goals is to help promote my fellow authors. I’ve featured over 100 authors—including Melodie Campbell. I’d like to feature you.
Please visit my blog (
To say yes to this opportunity, please email me (

 *I’m pleased to add that this thriller—The Sweater Curse--was published in 2011. And one of my writing projects is to transform it from novella length into a novel.

Aspiring knitwear designer Gwen Bjarnson is stuck in Purgatory. To escape, she must re-examine her life, journey through her past and right a wrong. But which wrong?

Young and in love, she works to establish her career, except fate has different plans. One rash act and she loses everything. Never resting, always seeking, and yearning for what she can no longer have, Gwen faces the truth:  if she remains, others are destined to die.

How will she solve the mystery before it is too late?

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Quotes from reviews...

'Stitch by colorful stitch, Leanne Dyck knits a tale of intrigue' --Laurie Buchaman

'Leanne Dyck has crafted a tale as exotic and existential as Danish author Isak Dinesen's' --Lou Allin (Twilight is not Good for Maidens; Contingency Plan)

'I found myself totally engrossed... Go out and pick this one up' --Deborah Warner

'I found it very difficult to put this book down once I started it, because the voice of lovely Gwen Bjarnson, already dead at the start of book, drew me in immediately.' --Holly Robinson (Sleeping Tigers:  a novel)


  1. Thank you for hosting me your blog, Melodie.
    I'm pleased to say that I've finished reading the Goddaughter. Once upon a time, a million years ago--it seems--I was a reluctant reader. I'm dyslexic and so being reluctant to struggle with words isn't unusual. What is, is my growth from a reluctant reader to a published author. (I'll have to write about that some day.)
    Any way, I wrote all of that so that I could write this... I appreciate and am inspired by authors who write for reluctant readers--authors like yourself Melodie. So from me to you, Thank you!

  2. Definitely, you should write about your life story from reluctant reader to published author, Leanne! You will be an inspiration to many. I have ties to the Hamilton Literacy Council, and know they would be keen to hear your tale.

    Thanks for leaving such a positive post for us, Leanne!