Friday 7 October 2011

Meet....Author Stephen Brayton


I am pleased to invite Stephen Brayton to these pages, with this delightfully original post from his heroine.

Dear Mom,

I’m sitting here in my office on a Friday afternoon waiting for my next client who’s a half hour late. So, I thought I’d write out a quick letter since I’ve been very busy lately and we haven’t spoken for a few days.

By now you’ve heard I’ve been published. No, I didn’t write the book; a man named Stephen L. Brayton is the author. My secretary, Darren, gave Mr. Brayton the information about one of my cases. The book, entitled “Beta”, was released by Echelon Press on October 1.

Do you remember the time I was hired to find eight year old Cindy McGee? She had been kidnapped by a child pornography ring. I followed a trail around Des Moines and discovered that she had been transported down to Oskaloosa in south central Iowa, then onto the Quad Cities. Surely you remember Lawrence Cameron, the handsome detective I met when I stayed with Grandma in Moline.

He became my partner for the day as we searched the metropolitan area for places Cindy might have been hidden. I ended up fighting the ringleader back in Des Moines. You and dad visited me in the hospital while I recovered from injuries incurred during that final violent conflict.

As a result of the publication of this book, I expect I’ll be hearing from many more goofy clients. However, they won’t be too much of a change from who I deal with now. Except for rarities like Cindy McGee, my cases usually stray to the nuttier side of life.

On the other hand, my taekwondo school is doing very well. Since the resolution of the case, I’ve signed up many new students. They all want to learn self defense and martial arts from the ‘famous’ Fourth Degree Black Belt.

I know you and Dad will want to read the book and because of the subject matter, don’t let the neighbor kids see it. Even though I hope many of my taekwondo friends will buy the book, it is not for children. Don’t worry, though, Mr. Brayton does a fine job of weaving some of my more humorous moments during the case in with the horror Cindy suffered. The graphic details are very well handled.

Since “Beta” can be purchased at, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble as an eBook, I have nothing to autograph. However, I understand the author will send you and dad a personal message to your Kindle, Nook, or your computer if requested at

I understand Mr. Brayton also has another book, entitled “Night Shadows.” If you would like to know more about him, please visit his website at Darren and I have also read his blog at as well as his book reviews at

Apparently, Darren has also given Mr. Brayton the details of the case I worked on before “Beta”. I thought you’d like to know Mom, you’re featured in one particular scene. Stephen is working on this sequel, the sequel to “Night Shadows” as well as a few other projects.

Well, I’d better now, mom. Darren just poked his head in the door to tell me my appointment has arrived. He has this snarky smile on his face which tells me it’s another lulu. Call me when you and Dad have a free weekend and I’ll see if I can get down for a visit. Until then, I hope you enjoy the book. Please tell your friends.


Mallory Petersen


  1. Melodie,
    I really enjoyed this interview with "Mallory." The letter to her mother was a great way to introduce readers to her and to make her seem real. I'll bet Stephen had a lot of fun writing this.

  2. Dear Sis,
    There's this guy, Stephen Brayton, who has a real knack at writing novels. I know how much you like Barry Eisler (except for all the Japanese stuff) and in this author's book there's a woman named Mallory who kicks some taekwondo butt. You "Beta" buy it!

  3. Hi Mom: I really enjoyed a post by Stephen Brayton. He sent a note to his mom about getting published. I wanted to make sure you knew that I am about to sign a contract with Oak Tree Press. Gonna be exciting and fun. I wish you were still here so I could call you, but hopefully you'll see my letter. Don

  4. Hey Sis,

    Yep, I'm still following Stephen and Mallory all over town. I told you 'Beta' will be out soon, so I tell ya, ya need to go and pick it up...
    Love meme (Augie)

  5. Dear Papi,

    I can't believe it! That woman, Mallory, solved that case. It kinda makes me want to tell that PI what I saw in my crystal sphere. Well, that's a whole 'nother story!

    Tell Mom I'm eating. See you at Tia's on the weekend.


  6. Okay, you guys are seriously nuts!
    And an amazing fit for my blog...

  7. I'm posting for Kat Hinkson:
    "Dear Grandma E,
    A friend of mine just published his second novel. I "Beta" it is as exciting as his first book, 'Night Shadows'. Can't wait for you to read it."
    Luv Kat

  8. From Marja McGraw:
    "What a unique blog. I very much enjoyed the letter to Mom. Watch out or someone will start stealing your ideas. :)