Sunday 17 July 2011

Guest Blogger Eileen Schuh

I am pleased to welcome Eileen Schuh to my blogspot.  Which indicates incredible bravery on her part because her novel The Traz is heroically Young Adult, and my novel Rowena is... very adult indeed.

Here's to Humour!

When my book marketing coach, Cheryl Kaye Tardif suggested I post an emotional article on my blog “because emotion sells books” I was indescribably tempted to post a humorous blog about emotional blogs.

I resisted that temptation—perhaps only because funny girl, Melodie Campbell, invited me to guest here.

People who know me from Twitter or Facebook are well aware of my penchant for humour. One of my very first tweets was “Help! I’m on my bidet and it won’t shut off!” (BTW, don’t depend on your virtual friends for actual help--absolutely nobody responded to my SOS.)

Given my silly online presence, I’m worried my Social Network buddies will be a bit disappointed that my novels are not at all funny. I’m not sure why they aren’t—other than I’m of the firm belief that humour is the most difficult of the writing genres.

If I pen a short witty sentence or two that most don’t find funny, it’s no big deal. However, if I were to write an entire humorous book that failed to be funny to others--I’d be somewhat embarrassed.

However, it’s apparent that our very own Melodie Campbell has mastered the difficult art of writing humour. There is no doubt. When an author can pull off a historic romance novel such as ROWENA THROUGH THE WALL and spice it with both erotica and humour—that author undoubtedly knows her stuff.

Although my novels are on the exciting “fast ride” side of things, my favourite character, Shrug, shares my sense of humour.

As Cheryl Freedman, one of my editors of THE TRAZ noted, “Use of humour: Just enough light humour in the interaction between Shrug and Kindle to lift the mood. Plus the humour adds yet another dimension to Shrug’s character.”

While my own humour tends to be self-depreciating, Shrug’s is more often than not condescending. This drives my other characters nuts, but I love it (perhaps because I know I will never be on the receiving end of Shrug’s sharp wit.)

“You didn’t get my message, Constable Hayes?” Sergeant Kindle growled.

“I’m here, ain’t I?” Shrug answered. He sank into the chair in front of the sergeant’s desk and pulled his cigarettes from his pocket. He lit one, inhaled deeply, and set the Player’s package on the desk beside Kindle’s ‘Thank You for Not Smoking’ sign.

“Yeah, you’re here. A full four days after the murder,” Kindle said coolly.

I wouldn’t want to be Shrug’s boss. On the other hand I definitely wouldn’t want to be his underling, either. I do, though, love being his creator.

I know you’ll like Shrug and Sergeant Kindle. And little Katrina and Chad. And I know you will hate Gator and Pepper and Stack.
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