Wednesday 27 July 2011

Golf is a Four Letter Word

Golf season always fills me with awe. Not because I immediately become what is euphemistically known as a ‘Golf Widow.”  Nope.  In fact, after paying our recent insurance premiums, the concept of ‘widow’ has taken on a slightly merrier outlook.

My problem with golfers is that they speak an entirely different language.  For instance, take a look at the following words that are associated with golf:

Tee:  This is silly.  Not only is it spelled wrong, but golfers don’t drink tea.  They drink beer.
Club:  The place with the bar that you go to after the game.  Sometimes the object OF the game.
Caddie:  Those big cars in the parking lot that you try not to hit with your golf cart.
Hole:  The thing you fall into and twist an ankle when you’re trying to find your ball in the ‘rough’.
Iron:  What you don’t have to do, because golf clothes are made of plastic.
Putter:  As in ‘putter around the golf course’.
Driver:  The guy who has to forgo the beer after the game.  Hence ‘tee’ above.
Birdie:  See below.
Eagle:  This is ridiculous.  Eagles don't play golf.

But without a doubt, the biggest problem with golf is the way it is scored.  Obviously, the person who hits the ball the most times has done the most work.  But the rules say the person who swings a mere 67 times wins.  That’s hardly trying at all.  This is supposed to be a Scottish game, so I ask you:  Where is the Protestant Work Ethic Here??

There’s only one explanation, and it has to do with the other Scottish religion – the one I apparently married into - saving money.  The fewer times you hit the ball, the longer the ball lasts…

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  1. Love it! I now understand the game as I never did before.