Tuesday 18 April 2017

"The work of an author at the absolute top of her game" - HERE COME THE REVIEWS!

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The Bootlegger’s Goddaughter.
by: Melodie Campbell
Raven Books.

The Bootlegger’s Goddaughter or The Hammer Humour strikes again is the best in what can be described as the finest compact mystery series out there. The writing is polished, the funny bits sneak up on you and you’ve been had and then had again before there’s time to recover.    

It’s a big challenge to keep the writing fresh in a series: no reliance on formula tweets, strong dialogue with bite and the delivery of experienced stand up comedy, action that doesn’t quit but most of all, story telling that feels like you’re sitting in a small Hammer Italian hang out listening to the latest miss-adventures of Gina and her gang.

Just a teaser of what’s in store: Gina is preparing for her wedding. The groom has been vetted by the family. Gina is robbed, cousin Jimmy has a heart attack and a truck full of bootleg booze is stolen and Gina is shot at while she recovers the load of beverages.  The wedding is a blast. Entertainment that delivers.

To sum it up, The Bootlegger’s Goddaughter is a miniature gem, the work of an author at the absolute top of her game.   There is so much more to come from the imagination of this talented writer. The Hammer’s been made over by Melodie Campbell.

Don Graves. Canadian Mystery Reviews


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