Tuesday, 15 March 2016

What to Eat When you Read (more wacky unsolicited advice from Bad Girl Comedy)

Love it when other writers inspire me to write.  Tara Sparling is a kindred spirit (of the wacky kind) who lives across the pond.  Her recent post addressing Pairing your Book to your Overall Look has prompted me to write the following: 

What to Eat when you Read 

Riders of the Purple Sage.  Cow country.  This would suggest a certain menu.  Steak, medium rare.   Tempting, but hard to cut a steak while simultaneously holding a book and turning pages.  Really, Mel Brooks had the right idea.  Beans, and plenty of them.  Make sure you’re NOT reading in public.

Slipping into the realm of the unknown here.  Chicks are slim young things, right?  They would eat salad.  I hate salad.  Ergo…hand me a western.

The trouble with Bond-clone movies and books is you’re apt to spill your martini with all that racing around in the plot.  Things blow up a lot in the action-adventure genre.  This might suggest popcorn.  But make sure you pop it before you eat it.  Keep the explosions to your book.  (Or switch to westerns.)

This is obvious.  Ribs.  Dripping with BBQ sauce.
Herself's personal additions: Cilantro and goat cheese <shivers>


CanLit  (Literature, for all you American types.)
It will be unusual, expensive, and unpalatable. You won’t “understand” why others think it is so good.  Your palate has not been suitably developed to appreciate such fineness.  Caviar.  Escargot (it always sounds so much better in French.) Duck liver (you can look up the French spelling.)  If you get beyond the first bite (er…page one,) Yay for you.  Hard to read – hard to eat.

Should be obvious, right?  Chinese food!  Get someone else to order it for you, so the mystery deepens.

Try to find Ambrosia.  They really dig it on Olympia.  If you can’t find that, substitute ice cream.  (I know. You thought I was going to say wine. But my fantasy is ice cream with a suitably delicious Greek God-ling.  Okay, he doesn’t have to be a God yet.  Just young and Greek.  Okay, this is slipping into erotica…

Forget the oysters, artichokes, or other silly vegetable-type aphrodisiacs. (Fish is almost a vegetable. Trust me.) The answer is more chocolate.  (Silly. That’s the answer to almost anything.)

Kind nut bars.  Okay, is the metaphor too obvious?

What to Eat if you’re a Writer:

And humble pie.


  1. Great post. I have to eat something crunchy when I'm writing thriller stories.

    1. Nicola, I think you must write horror as well! :)

  2. To my eternal shame I am only getting to comment on your post now. I was drowning. In writerly coffee. I love your writer's menu. The worst thing about humble pie is when you bake it and present it beautifully... and nobody even notices.