Thursday, 28 January 2016

Writing Funny with Frankenpoodle

If Dr. Frankenstein were creating a dog, this is what he might end up with.   Standing 30 inches at the shoulder, Frankenpoodle is a giraffe in a dog suit.

I got my start writing comedy.  Frankenpoodle got his start as the klutzy giant of the litter. No breeding for him.  Instead, he became a canine muse.  Together, we have slogged through eleven novels; me at the keyboard, him on the worn brown chaise beside me.   Both of us snarfing snacks and looking forward to walk time. 

Damn straight, this dog inspires me.  Toker, the big black poodle-cross with the Mohawk hairdo in The Goddaughter’s Revenge, steals the show.  He came back for a cameo in The Artful Goddaughter.

But that’s only the beginning.  A vigilante group leader who also manages the local Humane Society?  Look for Del and her dogs in THE B TEAM, a madcap comedy currently in the works.

This one’s for Frankenpoodle.


  1. Lovely picture. Worthy of a great muse.

  2. He looks dreamy, doesn't he. And content in his role. Of course, the snacks are good.