Thursday 19 March 2015

CODE NAME: GYPSY MOTH - "A worthy tribute to Douglas Adams" - Available for preorder!

Coming April 1 from Imajin books!  Preorder now

"Comedy and Space Opera - a blast to read!" (prepub reviews)
"A worthy tribute to Douglas Adams"

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It isn't easy being a female barkeep in the final frontier...especially when you're also a spy!

Nell Romano loves two things: the Blue Angel Bar, and Dalamar, a notorious modern-day knight for hire.  Too bad he doesn't know she is actually an undercover agent.

The bar is a magnet for all sorts of thirsty frontier types, and some of them don’t have civilized manners. That’s no problem for Dalamar, who is built like a warlord and keeps everyone in line. But when Dal leaves on a routine job, Nell uncovers a rebel plot to overthrow the Federation.  She has to act fast and alone.

Then her cover is blown, and more than their love is put to the test....

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