Friday, 15 June 2012

It's a Guy Thing continued....MEN WITHOUT FOOD

I have come to the conclusion that men need women for the simple reason that without us, men would starve to death.  It's amazing.  I've seen grown men - guys who play the stock market for fun and laugh at the traffic on the 401 - do their entire grocery shopping at the corner Mac's Milk.

Don't ask me how it got this way, but it's been like this since the first caveman brought home the first dinosaur steak and threw it at his wife instead of on the fire.  Don't believe me?  Here's a snapshot of our pre-camping organization meeting last year:

Karl:  "So we have the tents, sleeping bags, Coleman stove, shotguns, ammo...that's everything, right?"

Bob (thoughtfully):  "Fuel for the stove?"

Karl (trumphant):  "got it."

Me:  "ummmm.....what about food?"

Bob:  "Food?"  Everyone looks blank.

Wil (inspired):  "Hot dogs.  I've got hot dogs!  And buns."  The guys all nod wisely.

Me:  "ummm...we're going away for three days, and we're going to live on hot dogs - FOR THREE DAYS?"

Karl (puzzled):  "Oh.  Well, I'm bringing coffee."

Me:  "Look.  I hate to tell you this, but coffee, hot dogs, beer and tobacco do not constitute the five major food groups. "

Bob (decisively):  "She's right, Karl.  We should buy some chocolate."

Men may be able to bring home the bacon, but don't ever ask them to cook it.

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  1. Coffee, chocolate... good start. I once forgot all the meat for a camping trip. No man I know would do that. We had salad, pasta and vegetarian chili - all of which I had to cook because I also forgot the Coleman stoves. To my credit, I had the fire banked and the kettle on the go before the other campers had their stove lit. Also to my credit, I didn't forget the marshmallows.