Thursday 1 March 2012

Finalist for The Derringer Award!

Many thanks to Jayne Barnard for alerting me that I have been named a finalist for THE DERRINGER!
I am thrilled to pieces.

THE DERRINGER AWARDS are presented by The Short Mystery Fiction Society, and are awarded at the World Mystery Conference (Bouchercon) each year.  This year's event will be in Cleveland, Oct. 4-7.

Yes, I am going!  Thanks to everyone for your ongoing support and encouragement.


  1. Mel,

    You should be bragging your head off, and yet here I am reading about this great coup on your blog! This is big and you are much too modest. Congratulations on making the shortlist! I think "The Perfect Mark" is an unbeatable mystery! You could post a link to it on "Flash Fiction Online" so everyone will see. Mel, isn't it also going to be great for our upcoming mystery novel when you WIN? Good for you, my friend!


  2. That is the kindest message, Cindy - thank you! And great idea about the link.