Saturday, 5 October 2019


Launch of CRIME CLUB
Sat. Oct 19, 2-3:30, Different Drummer Bookstore in Burlington
Join us for a criminally good time at the launch of CRIME CLUB, Melodie Campbell's 15th book, a treat for young adults.
Free refreshments, contests, and fun!  Sharing the stage will be Lynn McPherson's new mystery, THE GIRLS DRESSED FOR MURDER.
Children welcome!  Different Drummer Bookstore, 513 Locust St., Burlington ON

Sixteen year old Penny has moved with her huge dog Ollie to a small town pub owned by her great-aunt.  It’s a relief to start over in a place where no one knows her father is in prison. When Ollie digs up a human bone in the back yard of the pub, police are called. Who can the dead person be?  Penny and her new friends decide to investigate.  And before long they discover one thing: if you’ve killed before, you can kill again.