Thursday, 10 August 2017

WORST DATE EVER! Books are shipping to stores NOW

Ever have a really bad first date?  I did!
On September 5, the official launch date of WORST DATE EVER, you'll find out my worst date ever.  Yup.  It's right in the book.  Guess which one?  (check this blog on September 5)

Here are the first two editorial reviews for Worst Date Ever:

"This is great for adult newcomers to reading or the English language, as well as anyone who enjoys zipping through a lighthearted read in a single, short sitting."

"Worse Date Ever is one of the best of this genre. Like all her novels the dialogue is the driving force. This tale is funny, but Campbell finds the sad notes, the desperate moves and the gentle poignancy when two people realize that what they wanted was right in front of them.

Finding a complete story like this in a novella form is rare. When I read it a second time I found myself replacing characters in the book with people I knew. This rapid read is more than a good read."


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