Sunday, 9 October 2016

PLAN B - with nods to Firefly

It finally happened.  I've been invited (private invitation only) to submit to a short story anthology that allows me to do a genre-mashup of crime and space opera! 
Here, in a nod to Firefly (love that series) is the opening to Plan B. 

Plan B
Melodie Campbell

She looked like a Vegas-Minor showgirl. Her hair was too blond, her lips were too plump, and her figure owed a lot to a fancy surgeon. The only thing that seemed genuine was the scowl on her face.
I knew from the start, she was gonna be trouble.
“Mind if I vape?” she said, holding the small pipe between two fingers.
I shrugged. “Be my guest here. Only not when we get on my ship.”
She raised an artificially high eyebrow. “And you are?”
“Tosh Malloy. This is Drake.” I gestured to the tall black bodyguard to my side.
She threw a quick glance at him, and then turned back to me. “Tosh. Unusual name for a woman.”
“It means ‘Pirate’ in Cryon,” I said.
The blue eyes went wide. “You’re a pirate?”
         “Not anymore,” I said. It was partially true.

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