Thursday, 18 February 2016

Fabulous Industry Review of The Goddaughter Caper! "the climax goes south in a gasp of giggles"

Industry Review of The Goddaughter Caper!


By Melodie Campbell
Raven Books  $9.95
The Goddaughter Caper: voted best tale by the inmates of the Holy Cannoli Retirement Home.
Author Campbell scores an all-star romp through Hamilton’s Hess Village’ up-market shops to the Burlington Bay chocked full of concrete shoes and decaying body parts and the latest economical and quiet funeral shady venture featuring cheap, imported pine.
The Goddaughter Caper is funny, zingers-a-plenty, coffins, pop-up dead bodies, and dialogue… the star of any Gino Gallo mystery. The atmosphere this time is a wedding in six weeks organized by her rookie cousin Nico.  The new funeral service struggles with bodies being delivered, picked up and re-delivered to another wrong spot.  Gino smiles at her fiancĂ©, her promise that “all that” has been left behind.
The real challenge in a series is to keep it approachable…we know the place, the people, but Campbell keeps it fresh…like reading a new book with hints of the past percolating in your memories.
The climax is a dead heat between one-liners and quips like: “I heard he died of heart failure.” “Two slugs from a .38 will do that.” And the climax for the Holy Cannoli Retirement Home goes south in a gasp of giggles.
The Goddaughter Caper, complete with pink poinsettias, is the best yet.  
“Sonamabeech!” Bring on another one.

Don Graves, Canadian Mystery Reviews

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